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Why Does the Universe Look the Way It Does?

I am a theoretical astrophysicist who uses supercomputer simulations to study how the visible Universe evolves from the Big Bang until today. 
My scientific interests include:
  • Galaxy Formation and Evolution
  • Circum-Galactic and Intergalactic Gas
  • Supermassive Black Holes
  • The Epoch of Reionization
  • The Cosmic Web
  • Dark Matter and Dark Energy

Movie by D. Narayanan

View of a present-day disk galaxy in the Simba simulation

Publications:  ADS  arXiv  gScholar 

Links:  ADS  arXiv.GA  Google

Alternate Affiliation: Extraordinary Professor of Physics, University of the Western Cape

Formerly: SARChI Chair in Cosmology at UWC, SAAO, AIMS (2013-2017)

Formerly: Associate Professor of Astronomy, University of Arizona (2003-2013)

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